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How To Have An Amazing First Meeting


  1. Desperate vs. Confident: No one wants to work with a desperate Advisor. The 1st meeting is for the prospect AND you to decide if it's a good fit.

  2. Salesperson vs. Doctor: The 1st meeting is not for sales, but understanding. You don't write a prescription before you diagnose.

  3. Numbers vs. Feelings: You might be in the spreadsheet business, but you're also in the feelings business. Make room for that in your 1st meeting.


  1. Give prospects permission to relax. Talking about money is personal, can be stressful and they don't necessarily trust you yet. Give them the opposite experience. Empathetic. Understanding.

  2. Clarify where you are going. Provide a roadmap. Let them know the process. Set up the expectations.

  3. Be human. So focused on "closing" that we forget to be open? Be nice. Ask questions. Treat people like you would like to be treated.

  4. Learn to listen. Be honest...most of us don't really have this skill mastered.

  5. Go deeper. The first answer is never the THING. The THING is deeper. The 1st meeting is a non-destinational exploration. Follow the clues. Ask follow-up questions. Be curious.

  6. Engage the 55/5 rule. In a one-hour meeting, aim to talk for 5 minutes. Let the potential client talk for the other 55 minutes.

  7. Record and learn. Ever watched a movie the 2nd time and noticed important details you missed the 1st time? Ask for permission and record your 1st meeting. Then review it. Lessons will result.

Adapted from Carl Richards @behaviorgap

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