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Value Proposition

The America Group Retirement Strategy Centers is a large producer group and management firm focused on pre-retiree and retiree clients, who service both platforms; Independent Advisor Services and Institution Services. Through our longstanding tradition of knowledge, experience and professionalism, and the size and scale we have built, America Group’s capabilities are comprehensive and broad. We can equally meet the needs of advisors seeking practice management coaching or advisors who are established with years of financial experience behind them. America Group is among the Top 20 Large Enterprise* groups with LPL Financial and we proudly stand by our value proposition and the advisors we serve.

*Based on GDC for 2018 and 2019

AG Commitment


America Group supports a broad network of truly independent financial advisors and financial institutions throughout the United States and is committed to providing operational, strategic, and revenue generating resources that will allow you to do what you do best – advising clients and building your practice. You maintain your independence but always have the support of America Group in building your practice.

Back Office Administration

America Group provides back office support to advisors and their administrative staff. This support ranges from training to actual input of data, and performance of back office functions. All administrative staff is trained to understand the processes and procedures required to transact business through LPL by utilizing a combination of programs from LPL and onsite one-on-one training.

Problem Resolution Assistance

America Group assists in obtaining resolutions for difficulties which may arise in areas such as compliance, operations, trading, etc. Due to America Group’s favorable relationship with LPL, response is swift and cooperative from our own dedicated team at LPL.

Monitoring and Maintaining Compliance Requirements

America Group provides back office support to advisors and their administrative staff. This support ranges from training to actual input of data, and performance of back office functions. All administrative staff is trained to understand the processes and procedures required to transact business through LPL by utilizing a combination of programs from LPL and onsite one-on-one training.

Compliance Updates

America Group monitors LPL procedures and informs each advisor on all pertinent issues. Our team will assist you in implementing any changes necessary to ensure your business is always within current compliance.

Administrative Staff Training

Utilizing a combination of programs from LPL and our onsite individual training program, administrative staff will be trained to understand the processes and procedures required to transact business through LPL. Ongoing updates, webinars, and other learning opportunities are also provided to assistants so they can keep current and gain needed skills.

Use of America Group Offices and Technology

Conference rooms that includes state of the art video and audio technology is available for client presentations for housed advisors and for those advisors with clients near-by our location.

Approved Paperless Office System

For professionals who want to reduce paperwork, overhead expenditures, and wasted hours, America Group offers access to Cabinet NG, a web-based paperless program. Cabinet NG will enhance your productivity and increase efficiency for you and your staff. It will also facilitate better organization during audits, and eliminate the need for filing cabinets.

Business Strategic Plannig
Business Strategic Planning

Practice Management Coaching

America Group and LPL have business development programs to provide assistance in practice management issues such as staffing, time efficiency, operations, compliance, marketing, sales and service.

Business Continuity Program

The importance of business continuity is often lacking within the broker-dealer/financial services industry. America Group, with assistance from FP Transitions, provides the framework and commitment to enact a contract stating that upon death or disability of the advisor, their practice will be purchased for a predetermined price.

Practice Acquisition and Planning

America Group will assist to initiate, evaluate, and implement the purchase of a financial planning practice designated by each advisor.

Financial Transition Assistance

New advisors may be eligible for financial transition assistance. The degree of assistance is dependent upon need and production levels and is determined by LPL.

In-house or Detached Advisors

We welcome advisors to partner with us either on site in Southfield or in conducting business from an external location nationwide. From the moment you partner with America Group, our commitment is apparent. We help you start strong by creating a transition strategy and ensuring your transition is positive.

Expense Sharing and Discounts

We offer the ability to control expenses and earn higher payouts. The expenses of running your own office can seem daunting. We try to ease those concerns by helping you to understand exactly what you will be responsible for paying, which is drastically reduced by shared expenses.

The large volume of business both the America Group and LPL generates with certain vendors results in discounts which are made available to advisors resulting in savings, both in time and money.

Marketing for Client Perception, Business Continuity and Resources

Advisors with the America Group have the option to brand individually, in association with the America Group, or a combination of the two. For marketing purposes, this option confirms a clients’ perception that the advisor is associated with a larger organization and is fully capable of providing resources and services associated with such financial institutions. Clients are comforted in the knowledge that the advisor has a Business Continuity Program in place, in the event that the advisor is no longer able to service their accounts.

Business Growth Resources
Business Growth Resources

Networking Opportunities

America Group advisors are able to network with their peers to draw on synergies and share ideas. Networking allows an advisor to work with other advisors whose scope of expertise may differ from their own, thus providing full service options to their clients that would otherwise not be easily available.

Joint Work Opportunities — Competitive Cases

The America Group is a full-service financial firm and our advisors recognize the advantages of joint work opportunities when challenged by complicated and competitive financial planning cases. Advisors come together coordinating their expertise on a shared basis. The advisors of the America Group encompass many advanced credentials, including CFA, CFP®, MBA, JD, and CPA designations and degrees making available experienced and knowledgeable resources for these cases.

Our producer group has advanced experience and highly credentialed advisors at America Group. This in turn can translate into added revenue not easily attainable without this added benefit and greater service for the client.

Group Meetings for Continued Education and Training

Both America Group and LPL conduct multiple group meetings for educational purposes. These meetings provide a venue to obtain continuing education credits and recurrent training in the products, programs, compliance processes, learning modules, and procedures of LPL and America Group.

CPA and Financial Institution Relationships

America Group continually develops relationships with community and regional CPA firms and financial institutions to provide financial planning and investment services on a joint basis. We are proud to announce that we lead LPL branch offices in Michigan with the largest number of financial institution relationships. Our growth has been steadfast and strong. We work hard to present good opportunities for all our advisors.

Research and Resources — Designing and Implementing Client Proposals

America Group offers research and resources to assist advisors in designing and implementing client proposals. Research materials are available from several premium sources, such as LPL, Morningstar, Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, Zachs, Vector Vest, S&P, Value Line, and others.

Proposal Generation Service

To facilitate client proposals, America Group will prepare the document for the advisor; we support E-Money and Financial Profile, and we also provide a customized program for portfolio analysis and recommendations. Our goal is to enable the advisors to spend more time with their clients and prospective clients, rather than compiling proposals. There is no additional cost for this service.

Idea Sharing Among America Group Members

The culture of the America Group encourages the sharing of ideas, concepts, and expertise between members for the purpose of enhancing education for all America Group Advisors. Typically, this intangible can result in a significant increase in profitability due to the benefits of utilizing ideas that have been and remain successful for other advisors.


The America Group Network provides financial advisors with the resources, training, and support to help manage and grow a thriving independent practice.  We provide comprehensive support and economies of scale to independent advisors through a culture that promotes mutual success in the delivery of objective, professional advice and high-quality service to clients. 

AG Network Enables Advisors to:

► Earn industry high payouts 

► Maintain your independence and autonomy

► Brand under your own DBA

► Choose your business model and location

► Determine your spending priorities

► Focus more of your time on revenue-generating activities

► Build equity in your future

► Control your own destiny

How it Works

Let the AG Network take the complexity out of managing and growing an independent financial practice. Advisors benefit from the Network’s significant economies of scale across important aspects of the business, including compliance oversight, trading and technology cost-efficiencies, business development support, and more.


Through the America Group Network, you can brand your business your way while retaining full access to the resources and support the Network provides you and your clients.  Our role is to support you and your practice by providing the resources you require along with value-added services from a local perspective that enhance your ability to serve your clients’ best interests. 

As an independent advisor, your book of business and the client relationships you develop belong exclusively to you. This enables you to you build equity in your own business—creating a tangible asset that you own and can pass along or sell when you’re ready to retire.

Network Benefits
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