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Dr. Seuss Recommends an Annuity

By: Sally Cholewka, CFP®

Naysayers say to stay away

Buy an annuity, you’ll wreck your day.

Stay away or you will pay.


Still, aren’t there goals it may fulfill?

Instill this acronym until it’s drilled.

…Shall I spill? I will!

It’s PILL.


Some might say the “P” is dull.

It reminds us to Protect Principal.

You may be thankful instead of fearful if markets crumble

to be nestled in a less volatile vessel.


You may be glum if you end up as a bum in a slum.

Can you fathom the outcome for those who run out of income?


Don’t succumb to be a glum slum bum.

Remember the “I” for lifelong Income.


Theo the Third was giddy with glee.

The “L” stood for him, the Legacy.

But what’s the merit to inherit such a death benefit?

Have you heard? An annuity is tax-deferred!

….and the non-qualified stretch has been preserved.


This “L” is there to be aware of the snare of Long Term Care.

It scared Clair O’Hare the Millionaire, so she prepared.

Just as she desired,

Her annuity provided her a rider.