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American Group Retirement Strategy Centers - Southfield, MI



American Group Retirement Strategy Centers - Southfield, MI

In 1982, Founder and CEO, Craig J. Snyder led the America Group Financial Services Corporation, a sophisticated group of advisors that became one of Michigan’s foremost insurance and financial services organizations. Craig’s commitment to his clients and to his advisors to provide objective financial guidance which is the fundamental need for everyone became the driving force behind his decision to partner with LPL Financial (formerly Linsco/Private Leger). In 2003, he provided the means for over 25 advisors to join him in a historic transition, then as a super large independent branch and now the America Group Retirement Strategy Centers, a “Top” large enterprise serving both platforms; Independent Advisor Services and Financial Institution Services.

Craig J. Snyder, CFP®, CLU, has a reputation for excellence. He is a member of the Executive Council at LPL Financial, representing the top 1% of all advisors registered with LPL Financial (based on total gross production). In addition, he is a member of LPL’s Advisor and Institution Panel serving on a subcommittee whose focus is on Business Management Enterprises and Institutions. This committee provides a forum in which representative advisors and institutions come together to share and discuss ideas and suggestions, as well as changes and concerns, to help drive the development of upcoming LPL Financial programs, strategies, communications, products and services.

In 2012, Craig became a member of the, Financial Services Institute (FSI), specifically working towards the FSI’s goal of being advocates for main street Americans’ access to independent, affordable financial advice. As a member of the FSI, headquartered in Washington, D.C., he joins over 100 broker-dealer members and over 35,000 financial advisor members. This organization works hard every day, to protect his clients’ access to quality financial advice. FSI helps to educate elected officials and regulators on what Americans need from financial advisors and how the industry works with clients to secure their financial futures. They also help to ensure that Craig can continue to offer his clients and potential clients the advice they need.